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1920’s police mugshots

Hannibal AU where will and hannibal are murder husbands and when they invite people to their dinner parties, they constantly make cannibal puns in an attempt to make the other laugh out loud first


My current clothing style is a combination of “shit I’m late”, “shit it’s cold”, with just a hint of “I’m too lazy to look socially acceptable for you losers”.



01. in the end i’m going to swallow your heart. // 02. love, the kind that kills and scars, will make you kneel and crawl to hell and back. // 03. soon you’ll be crying, unwishing you dreamt me. // 04. so it seems you’re not my friend, anything is better than. i came so hard in your mouth. i saw the future, it was dark. // 05. you’re gonna set my house on fire just to show me you were there. // 06. violent ties with hands like a steeple. tell me lies with a tongue like a needle. // 07. he peeled off every vein i had ‘til there was nothing left but a bloodless heart still beating for him. // 08. well i’ve done some truly awful things and you must be very terrified. // 09. i don’t feel sorry when you cry. i don’t believe you when you lie. // 10. sweetheart, don’t hang me out to dry. when nothing is left, there is always us. 

make me choose : Skyrim or Dragon Age [requested by anon & dishomored]


Will vs Dark!Will 

Dark!Will stands up against anyone (⊙▽⊙ ✿)

The scene in which I confess to them is invented, imagined. And, in fact, could never have happened… .because Robbie Turner died of septicaemia at Bray Dunes on the first of June 1940, the last day of the evacuation…and I was never able to put things right with my sister Cecilia….because she was killed on the 15th of October 1940 by the bomb that destroyed the gas and water mains above Balham tube station.